Poem on Walter Cronkite and Space Program

Walter Cronkite was born in 1916
As a teen, the newspaper and yearbook club is where he could be seen
He was a student at the University of Texas in 1933
Again working for the newspaper, brought him so much glee
“The Daily Texan” was the paper[']s name
Little did he know journalism would later bring him fame
He started working at the “Houston Post,” and became a college dropout
Went on to host “Are You There” and “The Morning Show” a success, no doubt
Eventually he would be leading CBS News
They were ranked number one, the other stations did lose
From 1967 to the end of his career, CBS was rated number one
Had a role in the decision to negotiate Northern Vietnam (by President Johnson)
He covered the first moon landing, and was on the air for 27 hours live
And yelled “go, baby go” as astronauts in Apollo 11 went into space and took that dive
Watching the landing, he exclaimed “Gosh! Wow! Gee!’ –immortal words obviously.”
This type of coverage[, ]led NASA to give him the Ambassador of Exploration Award

Sadly, Cronkite passed away on July 17, 2009.