Engineer Spirit:
By: Jessica Anderson

Final Frontier
Last chance for adventure
Who gets to lay claim
To never ending outerspace

We like to pretend
In the movies and books we enjoy
That we will all be grand
Adventurers someday

They said children of the future would live
In settlements on mars and even on the moon
but gravity still holds me down at
9.8 m/s squared

Maybe imagination is greater
Than anything that will come to be
It seems cheaper to engineer spirit
Than to make it reality

Meaning of song:
Verse One relates to the human desire to expand and continually discover new places. It also relates to the question of who will take control of different areas of space in the future? Or will it be that everyone works in unity in space? All ready the United States has more monetary stake in space than any other country.
Verse Two discusses how fascinated people are by space. So much so that many people cannot get enough of movies and books that relate to adventures in space. Ever since space science was made into a public race people have been enamored with all the possibilities space holds.
Verse Three is about how excited people used to be about space exploration and they really believed that their future children and grandchildren would one day live in settlements in space. And yet here we all are not even an inch closer to living in space than in the 1970s.
Verse Four mentions how it is the spirit and ingenuity of man that has taken us this far in space exploration and how it seems that our spirit and imagination sometimes gets ahead of our nations budget. It is certainly cheaper to imagine all the possibilities of the world and those around us then to bring those imaginations to life.