Looking Back: It Was All A Lie! The Government Faked The Moon Landing and We Have Proof.
Reporter: Sheeri Khokhar with Chesterfield County News
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In the years of the space race, there was one goal set by John F. Kennedy to land a man on the moon. Our government was desperate to be ahead of all the other countries, especially the [Russian--don't need this..you can just say "the Soviet Union"] Soviet Union, in space technology. America was so desperate we took some of the best Nazi scientists and used them for our own space advances. The government was focused on this one goal that had to be met or there would be great disappointment by all Americans. America put billions of dollars into the missions before and after the supposed moon landing, which was pretty much a big waste!
In 1969, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, there were photos and video footage of the glorious achievement. There were cameras that could take 200 pictures on one film reel and advanced lenses to take shots in the dark. The temperature varies on the moon from -180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. How could the film not be damaged in such extreme temperature variations? These simple questions are just the beginning of the explanation of why man on the moon was a hoax our government is forcing us to believe!Moon Hoaz Debate
Speculation can be made when looking at the pictures that were said to have been taken with no artificial lighting. When looking at the photos of the men on the moon, the sun is directly behind them. This should cast a shadow on the astronaut, making him look darker than his surroundings. In this picture it can be seen clearly that it is fake and has been retouched. Many of the photographs taken of the men on the moon show their suits glowing when they should look dark and details on the suit should not be visible. Moonshad1.gifThere is no doubt that some type of artificial lighting had to be used, thus providing reason [in to] for thinking this was all a set up done in a studio. When looking at photos of the Apollo 11 mission, strange shadows can also be seen. These shadows are very different lengths when the astronauts casting the shadows are in short distance from each other. The shadows should be relatively the same size.Shadows2.gif
During the time of the moon landing, it could be viewed all over the world and Australia was one country that had their own footage taken of the moment. In the intense film of man’s first step on the moon, many Australians saw something very different from what Americans could see. A viewer by the name of Una Ronald went to World News on what unusual things she saw during the moon landing. She first stated that when watching Armstrong get off the space shuttle, the film quality was poor and grainy, but then there was a frame shift where the film became bright and clear. This one viewer, as well as many others, also stated that they saw a coke can that was kicked by an astronaut. In 1971 a reporter at World News got a hold of the footage NASA had set aside for personal keeping and found that these shots were cut out of the film.Man on the Moon Pictures
In 2006, NASA experienced ridicule and stress by our reporters. The most famous footage in U.S. history could not be found. Why would NASA let these precious tapes out of their sight? Boxes of film were later found with great effort in Texas, but were in poor conditions. The film was sticking together and degrading.NASA It is strange that NASA would let this even happen to the film. The footage was fixed and enhanced to make what was seen in the 60’s look as though it happened yesterday.Footage Lost
The strange footage to the loss of the film is quite an unusual occurrence, but why would the government fake the first man on the moon? It can be seen clearly that they had no choice! During the space race the Soviet Union was America’s main competition. The American superior government could not let another country get ahead of space advancement. It would bring embarrassment that could never be erased and would demoralize the American public. Our previous P[pr]residents decided to put billions of dollars into NASA and forcing [force] our country into debt, rather than putting the money into more domestic issues faced by citizens such as social welfare and national security. We faked the moon landing to prevent ridicule and be the number one nation in the world that others feared.ABCNEWS
How can America erase this speculation of scandal? The moon should be explored once again! This time it should be done with joining forces of other countries ready to explore space. If we were to do this mission with others involved, it would be pretty hard to fake putting a man on the moon. If they were to try and fake such a mission, word would get out by someone and mistakes will[would] be found.

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